Shannon Ambeau

Hey there.

I’m Shannon

“I quit a 6-figure corporate career that nearly killed me.”

I was on the treadmill of life with the incline cranked way up, running at full speed. Burnt out, overworked, unhealthy. The master of faking happy and terrified of slowing down. Afraid I’d unravel. So I kept pretending I was okay. Push through. Numb my feelings. Shopping, drinking, eating. Clutter, packed schedule, a to do list the length of my arm. Anything to keep me from feeling my feelings.

Until I hit the wall. June, 17, 2016.

The moment that changed my life. That made me quit a 20 year, 6-figure corporate marketing career with all the perks. When I heard a voice speak to me clear as day with this message.

‘I will not be a spectator in my own life.’

Call it what you want. Divine intervention. My inner knowing. A cry for help in the dark. Whatever it was, I chose to listen. I’d ignored the countless signs I’d been given for decades. I stopped wondering if there’s more to life. I decided to find out. I knew I deserved more. I didn’t know what ‘more’ was, but I was committed to finding out. Three months later I walked away from what I’d always known, a life that on the outside looked like the picture of success. The life that was stealing my soul, killing my joy, squishing my dreams until I couldn’t see them anymore.

It took a while to find my groove. A 4 month professional pause, endless experiments, intensive therapy, journalling, and meditation. A lot of trial and error to land where I am now. Living my best life. Creating the life I love. Feeling peace and joy on the daily. The greatest shift was the realization that to have a life I love I needed to learn to love myself again—because at the heart of every yearning—is the desire to love and be loved.

I was a little surprised to see myself return to my faith. Not the dogma and ideology of my Christian youth. Not checking the box, going to church because it’s what I’d always done. Rather a deep, profound, direct connection to the source. God—to the divine in me. And the belief that I am the temple of God. Divine. Pure love. Enough. Worthy of everything. Abundance. Blessings. Prosperity. Grace. Love.

Lounging by the pool

I returned to the practices that have always served me & discovered new ones. A combination of body, mind, heart and soul practices that renew my energy, focus my thoughts, open my heart and connect me to the source. This is the coaching work. Getting clear on how you want to feel as the best version of yourself. Creating a vision of your future self living your dream life and building the habits that get you there. That heal, restore, energize, connect, manifest. Empowering you to step into your light. Showing you that the process is more gratifying than the outcome. Permission to just be on your way to becoming.

Qualified to coach. Called to serve. This is my divine purpose. Qualified to coach. Called to Serve. I’m a habit coach and as you learn my habit system, you get clear on what you want. You begin to feel free. You drop the relentless striving, the hustle hard and see that change happens with grace and ease. It’s simple, easy and fun. It’s a process you learn and with any learning, there are missteps, challenges, rest and recovery. We celebrate each tiny step. Start living that best life now.

Do you want to create a life with wide margins—the time, energy and abundance to do what you want knowing clearly what you want.

No more wondering what it means to have ‘more’. Just a deep knowing that more is your birthright and you already have everything you need to get you there.

Claim your life filled with peace, joy, grace and abundance! All you have to do is commit to the process. I’m ready when you are!

Grace & peace to you,